How to beat the winter blues

January and February are the two hardest months for me during the year. There isn't much going on with my business or really in general. Everyone has taken their Christmas lights down, the sun sets so early and the days feel like they are so short. Anyone else? Well here is what I do to keep myself motivated during the darker and slower months.

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1. Open up the blinds!

Right when you wake up, open your blinds. Spending time outside, or being able to see the outside for that matter, has a strong effect on mood, behavior and the body's natural rhythmic patterns. It sounds obvious but natural light is a great source to boost your mood. I can't tell you how many houses I go into, friends and family, and see that they live with the blinds closed all day long! It takes 3 minutes of your day and will give you a substantial mood boost, help you sleep better at night and help you to be more productive!

2. Get Moving!

You don't have to have an intense workout that makes you sweat really good and exhausts you to enhance your mood. Bundle up and go on a walk, listen to a pod cast and get lost in your thoughts. Often times, myself included, we think we have to have some insane workout. Like it is either all or nothing and often times I choose nothing because I feel this way. The hardest part is just putting on your shoes and getting started. Doesn't have to be huge, start small. Start with just 10 minutes.

3. Wake Up Earlier

I know this can be hard when the sun doesn't rise until later in the morning but stick to your routine. Set your alarm and do your best not to hit snooze 10 times! Again, the hardest part is just starting. Get yourself up and have something you look forward to doing waiting for you. Maybe coffee? Maybe a nice warm shower? Maybe picking out a cute outfit for that day? I don't know, whatever it is, find something you look forward to doing right when you wake up, and make that your first priority.

4. Make Your Bed

This task is so often over looked! It takes 5 minutes of your day and will be the first thing you accomplish when you wake up! Making your best can help you to be more productive throughout the day. It's small, but will be so beneficial.

5. Prioritize The Things You Love

Forget the to-do list for a moment and carve out time during your day to make time for the things you actually love! We live in a world that is so go go go for work and a successful career that we forget the fun and little things that we personally enjoy. Make time for your family, make time for your dog, practice cooking that meal you have always wanted to try, play the instrument that has been collecting dust. Do the things that make YOU happy.

6. Start A Project

Is there a wall in your house you have been wanting to paint for months? Maybe a dress you've been wanting to sew? Have you always wanted to learn how to paint? Start your darn project. Take lessons on how to play piano. Do something that is going to give you a creative outlet!

7. Eat Cleaner Foods

This isn't always easy. Especially when you're pregnant, like me right now. I basically want to eat whatever I am craving in the moment and it is usually not healthy at all haha. But balance right? Do what you can to not "take away" bad food but instead "add in" better foods. Veggies with color such as bell peppers, carrots, avocados, oranges, apples, strawberries. Some of these things may not be in season but find fruits and veggies that are. Add them to your diet and find ways to cook meals you actually enjoy with them. This will boost your mood and overall make you feel better.

8. Surround Yourself With Support

Surrounding yourself with others that support and uplift you and your future will help tremendously. Get out and shop with them, invite them over and cook dinner or have a movie/game night together.