Photographer friends, you work extremely hard building and maintaining a beautiful & soulful creative wedding photography brand — it is consistently a huge investment of your time.

Allow me to help alleviate some of the time you spend behind the computer with my one-on-one private boutique photo editing services. You go that extra mile for your clients to give them an amazing experience—let me do the same for you so you can achieve the work/life balance you deserve!


Helping Fine Art Wedding Photographers Outsource Their Editing


Cultivate more time to grow a soulful, profitable photography business while maintaining beautiful & high quality editing with my one-on-one private photo editing services. Take a look around, the work you see here is some of my previous work as a hybrid wedding photographer. I specialize in editing for digital photographers that love the look of film for their brand.

1. Reserve a Client Spot

Before I can begin editing for you, you need to secure a spot on my client list for the year if one is available. Hybrid editing is my favorite skill to utilize, but it does take time. This is why I choose to work with only a handful of clients a year! I prefer to make long lasting connections with clients so I can continue to work on their team for years to come. I do not offer one-off or seasonal edits.

2. Book an Editing Slot

You’ll have access to my editing calendar where you can book and schedule any current or future weddings you need to be edited in available time slots. My clients love the flexibility of scheduling multiple edits in advance or having the ability to book whatever is soonest available!

3. Upload Your Catalog

I’ve made the process of uploading and sending over files as easy as drag + drop! I do not require Dropbox or other cloud based storage. You will use my custom upload page to drag and drop prepared files. Never outsourced before? Not to worry, you’ll get easy instructions to uploading your files.

4. Download & Enjoy

Your catalog will be delivered to you with an emailed download link back within 1-2 business days of your appointment. You’ll follow simple file import instructions and watch the final edits change as Lightroom updates the files (my clients’ favorite part of outsourcing is watching the images change in moments)!

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